Classic Nordic small game hunting

Season: September 10th- Desember 23rd.


Have you ever felt the heartbeat when the dog stands at point in the old pine forest? Have you heard the sound of a western capercaillie lifting off from the ground?


Capercaillie and black grouse hunting is as classic as nordic small game hunting gets.


We offer guiding for western capercaillie and black grouse hunting with the use of pointing dogs in Trysil.


For the 2018- season we offer weekend packages including hunting guide with pointing dog and accomodation.


Accomadation with self catering in the smal vintage log cabin 'Gundestugan', close to the hunting grounds. Standard of accomodation is basic/simple (with electricity, but no shower or wc, eksl. bed clothing).



We normally hunt all day with a good lunch break (in the hunting terrain if the weather allows) during the day.



The price includes:


- Hunting guide with dog(s) 2 days( saturday and sunday)

- Local hunting permits

- Basic accomodation at Gundestugan



The price does not include:


- Hunting weapon (shotgun cal. 12, 16 or 20)

- Documentation and fees for import of weapon

- National hunting license

- Transport to/from Norway or our location

- Clothing and other personal equipment

- Insurance (be sure to have travel insurance)




We can also provide guided capercaillie and black grouse hunting in Stange, for one guest at the time. Contact us for details.


Hunters must be 18 years old or above. Younger persons can though participate in the hunting without a gun at the same price rates as the hunters. To ensure the safety of all participants and the quality of the hunt 3 is the maximum number of participants. Regulations regarding bag limits etc may vary from year to year. There are under no circumstanses any additional trophy fees and any western capercaillie or black grouse can be kept by the shooter. There may be other hunters in the terrain at the same time.


Be aware that capercaillie an black grouse hunting has quite a high difficulty level and that e.g. weather conditions can influence the behavior of the birds. As a thumb rule the hunting is easiest in September with an increasing diffulty level as the autumn progresses.


All participants are expected to follow correct conduct for safe gun handling at all times. Hunters are also expected to treat the wildlife with the proper respect, as follows of good hunting ethics, which defines the true standards, conduct and moral judgement of a sportsman.




capercaillie and black grouse hunting

Pricing Weekend package Capercaillie and Black grouse hunting


Arrival friday evening- departure sunday evening. 2 days (Saturday- sunday) of hunting with guide.

Basic accommodation at Gundestugan, 2 nights (friday- sunday).


Price for 1-3 hunters:


1 hunter: 584 EUR (5500 NOK)

2-3 hunters:498 EUR (4700) per person.

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